The EXP Con 2018 Vendors Room is now Open and Spaces are Available~!

EXP Vendors Room Agreement and Map is available here.

EXP Vendors Room

The Vendors Room is a large section of the convention center where genre specific vendors and exhibitors set up to sell their wares or promote their products. Much of what these vendors sell is available exclusively at conventions.

EXP Con’s Vendor Room will consist of 37 (10′ x 10′) spaces. The room itself is 7200 sq. ft. and is located in St. Augustine Ballroom E, F, and G. Vendor Spaces come with as many 8′ x 30” tables and chairs as you can fit in your space(s).  End caps are considered Premium spaces.

Those interested in purchasing a space should look over our vendor contract and contact for purchasing instructions.  Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis, but can be held without payment for 48 hours with the submission of a contract. If payment has not been received within the 48 hours, the space(s) are released for sale and the one who made the hold cannot hold again without payment. Pricing information is available in the vendor contract.