What is Artist Alley at EXP Con?

Traditionally at fan conventions artists are able to purchase a space to promote, display, and sell their works.  EXP Con will have such a place that will be open not only artists, but fans and groups who wish to promote their clubs, groups, or events. Our artist alley is an affordable alternative to the dealer room where artists and groups can use their space to promote themselves and show what they have to offer to the attendees.

While the Artist Alley at EXP Con is open to fan groups and conventions, there are strict rules one what you can and cannot use the purchase space for. For instance, artists can only sell pieces they themselves have created with raw materials and no one in the artist alley can sell food or drinks. No glow sticks either.

How much are Artist Alley Spaces?


Each space comes with a 6’ x 30’’ Table and space to comfortably seat two people. Purchase of an Artist Alley space with EXP Con also allots you two Artist Alley Passes which act as weekend-long general admission passes for when you close up shop for the day.

EXP Con 2020 Artist Alley Showcase: