2020 Fan Panel Form

  • Important Information

    Please make sure to fill out the application completely. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Panel Submission Questions may be sent to info@EXPCon.org with Fan Panel Submission in the subject line.

    If your panel is approved, you will receive a notification via e-mail. We approve panels every Monday leading up to the event, so you will hear back the following Tuesday. If you do not hear back one way or the other, please send us another email or contact us through one of our social media outlets.

    Please note that every effort will be made to schedule panels as close to the requested time as possible, however times will be chosen based on availability and are subject to change.

    All chosen panelists must adhere to the rules and regulations as listed at: http://www.expcon.org/registration/ Mature Content pertains to anything that contains mature content not suitable for those under the ages of 18. We do not approve programming for content that would be considered pornographic or obscene.

    EXPCon is a family event. Therefore, panels containing 18+ content will be scheduled late in the evening, generally between the hours of 10PM and 2AM.

    If a panel submitted as 'not 18+' is found to contain 18+ material, EXPCon reserves the right to shut down the panel in progress. A panel shut down while in progress will not be considered successfully run and may lead to denial of future panel submissions as well as removal from the convention area.