LAVA (Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying) is when three prolific and acclaimed voice actors get together and get real silly. This show is a high-energy, balls-to-the-wall, audience participation, multimedia driven fan-friendly experience!  Max, Ray, and Robbie have an ever-changing line-up of games, improv, and sketch comedy and video material.  With a great deal of audience participation and prizes to give away, this event is one you don’t want to miss!    Max Mittleman – A Los Angeles native, Max has been entertaining audiences from behind the mic, onstage, and in front of the camera since he was in high school. He’s enjoyed creating a wide range of characters including Saitama in ONE PUNCH-MAN, Harry Osborn in MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN, and Ryuji in PERSONA 5.  Ray Chase – By far the most talented and attractive LAVA member, Ray is also extremely humble.  You can hear him as Noctis in FINAL FANTASY XV, Roy in FIRE EMBLEM, Eve in NIER AUTOMATA, and his award-winning turn as Subway Announcer in PERSONA 5.  Robbie Daymond – Voice Artist. Actor. Undercover Nerd. Classically-trained Jack-of-all-trades. Professional Pretender. You can call him Spider-man, Prompto, Tuxedo Mask, Bucky Barnes, Michelangelo, Sorey, Mumen Rider, Aketchi, Mitsuki, SwaySway, Chollo, Ren…whatever.  Just don’t call him Bob.